Liberated Body Podcast

This is a quick plug for a podcast that has caught my attention and interest.  This podcast is hosted by Brooke Thomas where she interviews a diverse array of people from what could be described as the Mind-Body-Movement sphere.  Topics covered include; anatomy, biotensegrity, early movement development, body awareness, breath and emotions, chronic pain and postural relationships to list a few.  Brookes aim is to host “..the thought leaders and experts who are helping us all to more happily inhabit our bodies.”  Here is the link to  The Liberated Body Podcast website which you can go to if you are curious and you can also find the podcast on the podcast app on your device.

Although the many guests have their own particular area of interest, the common theme is their desire to help people become more interested and connected to themselves, more self-aware.  Its recognizing that our western lifestyle tends to isolate us from nature, restrict our movement experiences right from birth, and have us living more in our head space and less in ourselves.  Perhaps you are looking to shift your thinking in search of a more embodied and fulfilling life.  Since Mindfulness Meditation has crept into mainstream thinking and out of the domain of the hippies, perhaps you are interested to explore this Mind-body connection a little more.