Prices - as at May 2020

Prices have adapted in response to the Government removing Feldenkrais from Health Fund eligibility.

Movement classes - Online and "Audio only"

Group classes are usually a block of 6 weekly 1 hour online classes.  These cost $96 with all information and bookings on the “CLASSES” page.  Group classes are currently only online using Zoom.

“Audio only” classes are available as recordings of the 6 “live” weekly group classes.  Cost $48.  See “CLASSES” page.

Private sessions are available again! (from 25/5/20)

Individual "In-Person" Session Pricing

Your first session is a 75 minute consultation, subsequent appointments are an hour.  For more information on nature of a private session (referred to as Functional Integration) go HERE .  

Individual sessions are available from premises in Nedlands.  Home visits can be negotiated however full travelling time considerations will at least double the cost.  

Regular attendees use the pre-paid option to reduce their cost per visit.  Decide at the completion of your first session whether you think this option would suit your needs.

First 75 minute session – $75


Single sessions (pay as you attend) – $68  (Reduces to $60 a session when 3 sessions are pre-paid) 

Three pre-paid sessions including the Initial consultation – $195 ($75 + 2 sessions @ $60 per session).   6 month expiry.

Three pre-paid sessions excluding an Initial consultation – $180 (3 sessions @ $60).  6 month expiry.

There is strictly no refund for  pre-paid sessions.