Prices - as at May 2020

Prices have adapted in response to the Government removing Feldenkrais from Health Fund eligibility.

Movement classes - Online and "Audio only"

Group classes are usually a block of 6 weekly 1 hour online classes.  These cost $16 per class with all information and bookings on the “CLASSES” page.  Group classes are currently only online using Zoom.

“Audio only” classes are available as recordings of the block of “live” weekly group classes.  Cost $8 per class.  See “CLASSES” page.

Individual One-on-One Private Session Pricing

Private sessions are available again! (from 25/5/20)

Your first session is a 75 minute consultation, subsequent appointments are an hour.  For more information on nature of a private session (referred to as Functional Integration) go HERE .  

Individual sessions are available from premises in Nedlands.  Home visits can be negotiated however full travelling time considerations will at least double the cost.  Call to discuss. 

Regular attendees use the pre-paid option to reduce their cost per visit.  Decide at the completion of your first session whether you think this option would suit your needs.

First 75 minute session – $75


Single sessions (pay as you attend) – $70  (Reduces to $65 a session when 3 sessions are pre-paid) 

Three pre-paid sessions including the Initial consultation – $205 ($75 + 2 sessions @ $65 per session).   6 month expiry.

Three pre-paid sessions excluding an Initial consultation – $195 (3 sessions @ $65).  6 month expiry.

There is strictly no refund for  pre-paid sessions.