What people are saying about Vanessa's classes

I love Vanessa’s classes – I do them online as I am in the country and I find them easy to manage with minimal tech knowledge.  They provide me with a combination of relaxation and movement therapy which at the end of each class and the following days are noticeable and very welcome in the way I feel mentally and move. Hopefully they will help my golf game as well.  KATH KEEFFE  August 2022

A quick text to say I noticed how much better I was feeling since your class yesterday!  Brain fog has gone, lots of energy, feeling pretty flexible and loose around my ribs.  I was kicking myself for not revisiting some of your lessons during the break.  Regular Feldenkrais really makes a difference so my goal is to keep a regular practice and keep feeling better.  CHRISTEL NORMAN July 2022

I’ve been dipping in and out of Vanessa’s classes for a few years. On the side, I practise my favourite eye movement and jaw class. Recently I suffered a T1 left root nerve compression with compromised movement in my hand.  I went back to revisit previous classes. Vanessa’s precise knowledge of human biology, Feldenkrais  and her clear instructions directed me to move in a safe way.  Within a weekend I had reduced my pain, increased my hand movement and started my repair. I am no longer taking pain relief and am resuming my activities. She is an exceptional teacher. I highly recommend Vanessa and Feldenkrais.   THERESE FOSTER July 2019

Regarding the 6 week Breathing Series of classes attended – “As a “newbie” to Feldenkrais I didn’t know what to expect.  I was amazed to find that I could control my breath and breathe into new spaces in my diaphragm and chest.  This allowed me to manipulate my breath and release some residual stiffness.  A relaxing class…Vanessa is great.  ROSEY MCALLUM March 2019

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Vanessa’s Feldenkrais classes. I have come out of these classes feeling like I am floating, with a new awareness of my body and re-energised yet relaxed.  So amazing considering how gentle and easy the movements are along with Vanessa’s calm and hypnotic voice. The ‘Me Time’ is also invaluable in our hectic lives. I’ll be signing up for the next term. Loved it!   ORLA FLECKER Nov 2017

I enjoy exploring different physical activities so I thought I would go along to Vanessa’s Feldenkrais ATM classes out of curiosity. At the time I had no particular pain or limiting movement problems, though being in my 50s I have had a few sporting injuries through the years.  Having done dance, tennis, yoga, Pilates, running and rowing through my life I felt that I had good body awareness, but these classes engaged my mind and body on a completely different level.  I gradually realised that some of my distinct movement patterns possibly contributed to past injuries and also how interrelated these patterns are from head to toe. It gave me a new perspective to take into everyday life as well as exercise.  Vanessa’s manner and guidance through the classes was so calming and relaxing that I always slept well after classes, an unexpected positive outcome for me!  CATHY KENNEDY Sept 2017

An hour a week spent focusing on movement and making simple adjustments has made me aware of the benefits of paying attention to the way I move. Being conscious of the way I stand and turn makes me feel more comfortable when I spend long days on my feet.  KAREN ABERCROMBY Nov 2016