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Developmental stages of movement - Starts May 2021

The earliest movements we learn as a baby have a huge impact on us throughout the rest of our childhood and into adulthood.  Unlike other animals, humans enter the world completely helpless and we need to learn how to co-ordinate ourselves to move.  It is not innate, movement is learnt through trial and error.  All those hours a baby spends on the floor, wriggling this way and that,  slowly developing the skills needed to roll, sit, crawl, finally to stand.  From here on the whole world opens up and we can get anywhere we want.  Running, jumping, climbing, cartwheels, handstands, monkey bars, sport – or not.

The very first things to learn happen down on the ground.  Skip some of these earliest skills and milestones and learning and movement challenges follow.  Behind every well coordinated balanced child and adult is a full and varied uninterrupted apprenticeship of movement on the floor. 

In these classes you will revisit the fundamental movement patterns developed in the first year of a baby’s life.  These are the foundations from which you build a stronger relationship to being upright in gravity, that is, to be human.  These fundamentals can be learnt at any age, even now, and will impact how you “operate” and move now.

Adults will be amazed at how challenging it is to find the easy way to do what a baby does.  To find the natural easy way to co-ordinate your limbs, head and spine to move without will power.  Being patient enough to explore these earliest movements will be richly rewarding for you.  Parents and grandparents who improve their own “movement organisation” in this way will also be better able to handle the young children in their life.  

6 weeks live & ONLINE classes start early May – $120

Wednesdays, Nedlands LIVE- start 12th May 

Thursdays, Fremantle LIVE- start 13th May (NO class May 20th)

ONLINE – Wednesdays 5.45pm Perth Australia (GMT+8:00) – start 12th May

ONLINE – USA and Canadian residents precluded due to insurance exclusions.

NEDLANDS:  9.15 – 10.15am  OR  5.45 – 6.45pm 

FREMANTLE:  9.30 – 10.30am  

Audio recordings also provided.

NEDLANDS:  “Nedlands Yoga”, Broadway Fair Shops, 88 Broadway, Nedlands. 

FREMANTLE:  “Body Riches Wellness Centre”, 302 Sth Terrace, Sth Fremantle. 

Or arrange private Zoom classes for a minimum of 5 people – contact Vanessa to discuss.

Six 1 hour “Developmental Stages of Movement” Audio lessons 

$42    3 month access to 6 audio lessons. 

You get 3 month access to audio recordings from the day you pay. 

You take full responsibility for yourself in accessing audio recordings.

Single Class Attendance – $25

Single class “casual” attendance.

A single class attendance could suit you if you have never done Feldenkrais before, a chance to try it out.  The real benefits build from the weekly attendance and the audio recordings provided to allow at home practice.  Contact Vanessa (0416 101 854) to discuss, don’t just turn up.

Feldenkrais Classes Perth

More Expansive Breathing - classes have ended, audio lessons available.

These “Breathing” lessons guide you through the general anatomy of your breathing apparatus giving you the felt sense of easier breathing.  Adaptable breathing will improve balance and settle the nervous system, which calms a busy mind and improves sleep.

Previously a Breathing series was presented and is listed below in “Previous Audio Series Available” as “Improved Breathing – Part 1”.  The lessons in this series are an alternative way to address a persons breathing habits.  You do not have to have done Part 1 to do these lessons.  Both series are helpful in creating better awareness and function around your breathing.

While the breath underpins all Feldenkrais classes, these lessons put a lens more closely on the breath.  An improved breath improves the chemical nature of your blood and the tissues it supplies.  Learn how to free the diaphragm and rely less on the upper chest to breathe.  This happens as you get all the ribs moving to ease the strain off the neck and back.  People with chronically tightened tissues who suffer from tiredness and/or chronic pain are helped by better breathing.  

In the words of the neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, “The diaphragm stimulates your phrenic nerve to tell your brain about the status of your body…”.  While breathing happens without thinking, your breath can be moved under conscious control to alter your physical state.  You can move through relaxed and excited depending on how you control your breath.  Posture and walking is also affected by how you breathe.  So yeah, you can accept the breathing you have or you can be curious about expanding your options around your breath and believe that life can be different, better different.


Feldenkrais classes are unlike anything else out there.  I believe they are the best way to become better acquainted with the body and mind you inhabit to maximise your potential.  Life with less pain, easier movement, more calmness, and more zest for life.  Practicing Feldenkrais “mindful movement lessons” can stem the tide of reduced function that is considered a normal process of aging. 

Movement lessons offer you the opportunity to change and improve your movement repertoire which you can then take into your activity of choice.  It is an accessory to, not a replacement for, physical activity. Feldenkrais tunes the breath, body and mind to allow you to function more efficiently.

These classes involve a range of movements where the attention is on the “how” of the movement.  How do you make it harder than it need be, how could you make it easier?  What is your intention with the movement?  How does the intention affect your breath?  Can you be more interested in the process rather than the outcome?  Are you so focused on the outcome you miss the process?  Do you hold your breath to move?  Does holding your breath make it easier or is holding your breath an habituated response to expecting something to be difficult?   

These movement classes raises body awareness by mapping the many parts of ourselves in action  in our brain.  We learn to know better where are bodies are in space and what we do, not just in the Feldenkrais class, but in all life situations.  If we don’t actually know what we do how can we change to improve?  Body mapping through slow and attentive movements is an ongoing exploration.  Come and join me on a journey of self discovery and self improvement.

Feldenkrais class Mt Claremont
Feldenkrais Classes Perth

Audio Recordings of Classes

Can’t attend a “live”class?  The next best thing is to have a recording of the live class emailed to you each Friday that the live classes are happening. 

Feldenkrais lessons are perfectly suited to work well with spoken instruction and direction.

Missed the start of or all of the live classes?  Buy access to the recordings to go through the lessons at your own pace and repeat any you are interested in.  Contact Vanessa to discuss. 

What is an ATM Class?

Awareness Through Movement “ATM” classes are described and compared to the private sessions on another page HERE.

Previous Audio Series Available

Adaptable Torso – 7 lessons $49

Deep Relaxation  – 4 lessons $28

Spiral Movements – 6 lessons $42 

Core/Abdominal Control – $42

Pelvic Floor – $42  (An Individual session is required prior)

Use of the Eyes – $42

Improved Posture – $42

Improved Breathing –  Part 1 – $42

Rolling Many Ways – $42

Any of the previous series of Awareness Through Movement lessons are available to have online access to for 3 months.

Different series vary from 4 to 7 lessons and priced at $7 per lesson.

"Improving self awareness through Feldenkrais is different to exercise. Maintaining strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance matters for everybody. However, none of these ensure that you will move as well as you can and as well as you should if you want to feel good. Exercise doesn’t free us from habitual constraints, doesn’t create an understanding of our problems, and doesn’t develop movement intelligence." Larry Goldfarb