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Next Classes - Your Stronger core

14/15th February to 20/21st March 2024

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6 weekly classes – LIVE & ONLINE – starts Wed 14th & Thur 15th Feb 2024 – $140

“Your Stronger Core”

LIVE – Wednesdays 9.30am @ Mt Claremont Community Centre

LIVE – Thursdays  5.30pm @ premises in Nedlands

ONLINE – Thursdays 5.30pm Perth Australia (GMT+8:00) + the rest of the world…

Sydney 7.30pm  Tokyo 6.30pm  Delhi 3.00pm

SWAP – between either of the live classes or online classes from week to week as you need.  Enrol for the class you will mostly do and inform Vanessa of any changes you need to make.

WEEKLY RECORDINGS each week you get the audio recordings by Friday to allow you to do the class at home if you missed it and to re-do a class to improve your learning and skill.

PLUS get additional 6 weeks of access to audio recordings of the live classes once they have finished.

MAT HIRE – you can hire a thick luxury Feldenkrais mat for $10  for the term.  This option will be shown when you select either of the “LIVE” classes to book.

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Your Stronger Core


  1. Your back twinges and is often painful.
  2. You are afraid to lift anything heavy and that includes lifting your grandchildren.
  3. You go to the gym regularly but never get much “better” at the “core” exercises and planks etc are really hard to do!
  4. Your tennis serve or golf swing or punch, well, lacks any punch.  How can some people go “POW!” when you go “fizz”?  They don’t look musclier than you.

If there was an area of ourselves that is less understood I can’t think of it.  This area in the middle of us, with its muscular sleeve, is poorly understood and poorly  utilised in most people, young and old.  Which sadly is responsible for much of our backpain, our lack of vitality, our perception of being weak.  People who are lucky enough to do it better in this area often don’t even know what it is they do, it’s just something they do.  You know theses people.  They seem to do lots of physical things into older age but don’t appear to suffer for it.  You are envious of them in a way.  You are trying to be fit and healthy and work out and swim but at the end of the day life is tiring and painful.  

You can be dedicated to the gym and lifting weights and never experience the free power available from a well organised middle.  While I used  the word “CORE” to attract your attention, I am actually referring to all the muscular tissue from your neck and throat, internally to your breathing diaphragm, externally to the muscles that enclose the soft middle part of your torso and belly, and down into the bowl of your pelvis and pelvic floor.

When you learn how to work, move, contract, not contract, expand your internal belly space you create this stabilising effect which reduces the demands on your spine.  When your spine gets some help it says “thank you” and is less painful.

If you think this is a quick fix, sorry, no.  The nuances and finesse of finding how to use this large area of your middle better is a long work in progress.  I will get you heading in the right direction with these 6 classes and you get the class recordings for a time to keep re-training your awareness and use of yourself in this area.  Of all the areas of Feldenkrais that I have delved into I found this area to be the trickiest to change and the most rewarding in terms of increased strength and stamina.

I have presented classes on this area previously but this will be new material, new ways of sensing  how you can create more strength and stability from this whole system.

Never been before, don’t even know how to pronounce Feldenkrais – try a class for FREE!

Please contact Vanessa (0416 101 854 or vstephen@amnet.net.au) prior to check that the class will be suitable for you and that I can accommodate you and bring a mat for you to use. You can try out an online option as well.  Please don’t just turn up.  

Feldenkrais class Mt Claremont
Feldenkrais Class - example

What is an "Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Class?

Classes are guided movement explorations designed to lead you through a safe range of moves that you can try without expectation or judgement.  It is a way to engage your curiosity about moving yourself in different ways to find out for yourself how you can do things differently and possibly easier.  You find out for yourself how you, with your unique structure and ability, can learn useful tricks and tips for better whole body movement. 

Its a learning environment.  We each have a different starting point and a different pace of learning, but everyone finds for themselves something that is helpful.

ATM classes are described and compared to the private sessions on another page HERE.

"Improving self awareness through Feldenkrais is different to exercise. Maintaining strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance matters for everybody. However, none of these ensure that you will move as well as you can and as well as you should if you want to feel good. Exercise doesn’t free us from habitual constraints, doesn’t create an understanding of our problems, and doesn’t develop movement intelligence." Larry Goldfarb