Vanessa stephen - feldenkrais

“Develop Movement Intelligence”

Greater skill, efficient action, pain reduction

“General Classes” start 15th/16th May – 19th/2oth June 2024

Wednesday mornings & Thursday evenings

Weekly classes suit most generally able bodied people who can get up and down from the floor unassisted.

Individual private sessions would be your better option if you have more serious entrenched pain and movement challenges that you have found difficult to overcome.

Some way you move, or don’t move, can become clearer in the felt sense.  Deep bodily tensions and holding patterns you are unaware of can be addressed.  Functional movement patterns lost or never learnt can be fed into your system to be integrated into the “new you”.  I recommend a minimum of 3 appointments before you decide whether this form of body therapy can help you.  It can take a few sessions before you appreciate how you have changed and improved as a result of the sessions.  Some people benefit most by having sessions closer together, there is no one size fits all approach.  Its a small investment towards being able to enjoy your life to its fullest.

Exercise and training is often repeating the same action with more effort.  If you train more do you improve a bit but suffer strains and injuries along the way?  Feldenkrais allows you to learn how that action can be more efficient.  How your body can co-ordinate better to achieve more without ruining yourself in the pursuit.  I liken it to having your car serviced!  Except – we are not machines, we “work better” when we learn new ways to move.  Except – while many people invest a minimum of $5000 a year on their car in depreciation and servicing, they baulk at spending money to improve their physical capacity.

No matter how nice your car and house is, physical decline is the single factor that affects how you enjoy your life as you age.  While getting older is inevitable, how well you age is mostly in your hands.  No, there is no quick fix.  Yes, genetics has a part to play.  Yes, improvement slows with age.  No, you are never too old to learn.  Once you believe the die is cast, no one can help you, not even yourself.  To improve with Feldenkrais requires an investment of your time and money and to be interested in how you can learn and improve.  I help you help yourself.

Have you heard the one about the definition of insanity? – “Repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

When you are ready to learn for a better result get IN TOUCH.

"When you know what you do you can do what you want" Moshe Feldenkrais