Vanessa stephen - feldenkrais

Develop movement intelligence for

Greater skill, efficient action, pain reduction

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What is Feldenkrais ?

A gentle method of learning to move with less resistance to assist with function, pain and performance.


Read what my clients are saying about The Feldenkrais Method® and the effect the classes have had on them.


For more info about my Feldenkrais Classes or personal Functional Integration sessions?

Improving self awareness through Feldenkrais is different to exercise. "Maintaining strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance matters for everybody. However, none of these ensure that you will move as well as you can and as well as you should if you want to feel good. Exercise doesn’t free us from habitual constraints, doesn’t create an understanding of our problems, and doesn’t develop movement intelligence." Larry Goldfarb


Functional Integration (FI) is an individual hands on approach tailored to your needs.  Whilst fully clothed, touch and verbal guidance are used to explore your habits in movement to help you learn stronger, more functional ways of moving.  Contact Vanessa, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner to make an appointment.


Vanessa teaches Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement ® classes in Nedlands and Mt Claremont with evening, mid-morning and early-afternoon classes.  Come and try the classes to experience feeling younger, lighter and more at ease.  Believe in the possibility that movement, and hence life, can be better.


In Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) group classes you explore a range of unusual movements that awaken within you movement patterns long forgotten or never learned.  Slowly and at a pace of your own learning you become more aware of the sensation of more whole body movement.