Effectiveness of Imagined Movement on Improving Muscular Function

In the last 10 minutes of the TV programme “Trust Me I am a Doctor”, Series 5, episode 4 they scientifically proved what Feldenkrais practitioners have known for some time – the effectiveness of imagined movement on improving function. The show recruited 7 people about 60 years old with sedentary lifestyles, tracking any change in … Read more

New Thinking Needed To Deal With Back Pain.

Back pain and Feldenkrais

A Feldenkrais approach to dealing with low back pain. Professor Peter O’Sullivan’s approach appears to align with the methodology of The Feldenkrais Method®. Low back pain, which can become chronic low back pain, is common in western society, likely accounting for millions of dollars in lost working days and immeasurable diminished life experiences. An old … Read more

Neuroscientist Susan Hillier Explains Feldenkrais.

Feldenkrais Explained by Neuroscientist Susan Hillier. Susan Hillier, Associate Professor – Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, University of South Australia and also a Feldenkrais Trainer, writes about The Feldenkrais Method in “The Conversation”.  The Conversation is a website that offers informed commentary and debate on issues relating to modern life.  This article provides one angle on explaining how … Read more