Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) Classes

Oct/Dec 2020 – 7 Weekly 1 hour Online Movement Classes

Wednesdays – 21st October to 2nd December 2020

$110    9.00 – 10.00am  OR  5.45-6.45pm

“Whole Body Awareness” – via Zoom online

Audio recordings of classes provided as well.  

Weekly live online classes

7 weekly 1 hour “Whole Body Awareness” Audio lessons

$55    3 month access to 7 audio lessons. 

Begins Friday 23rd October or from when you subscribe 

Audio Recordings only

Four 1 hour “DEEP RELAXATION” Audio lessons

$32    2 month access to 4 audio lessons. 

Six 1 hour “SPIRAL MOVEMENTS” Audio lessons

$48    2 month access to 6 audio lessons. 

Next Available 1 hour Online Movement Class

$20    Single attendance of a 1 Hour Online class

What Time Is That Outside of Australia ?

Use the time converter link HERE to find out what time the classes are on in your part of the world.

Whole Body Awareness - the next series of online classes

This next block of 7 weeks of classes fit in before WA Private Schools begin their Christmas holidays.  They are conducted online using “Zoom” with a money back promise if you can’t get Zoom to work (I have yet to find someone I couldn’t help to get Zoom to work, but it’s nice to know you haven’t wasted your money).

If you have never experienced Feldenkrais lessons you don’t know what you are missing out on.  These classes are unlike anything else out there.  I believe they are the best way to become better acquainted with the body and mind you inhabit to maximise the potential that life has to offer.  Life with less pain, more movement, greater calmness, a curiosity and zest for life and new experiences.

These 7 lessons will have you become more aware of the whole of yourself, how your many parts fit and work together better.  You are never too old to learn something new.  Break out of whatever “mold” you or someone has put you in.

Its important to include movement lessons in your life to stem and even reverse the tide of reduced function that is considered a normal process of aging.  I believe regular mindful movement experiences such as Feldenkrais are as important as daily exercise. Feldenkrais tunes the body to allow the engine to run more efficiently.

These classes involve a range of movements where the attention is on the “how” of the movement.  How do you make it harder than it need be, how could you make it easier?  What is your intention with the movement?  How does the intention affect your breath?  Can you be more interested in the process and allow the outcome to happen?  Are you always so focused on the outcome you miss the process?  Do you hold your breath?  Does holding your breath make it easier or is holding your breath an habituated response when you expect something to be difficult?  If I say take your shoulder backwards, what does that mean to you?  You might try it sitting there.  Do you take your shoulder (pick any one) backwards and up, backwards and down, or just up and not backwards at all?  Do your really know what you do?  Do you need to look in a mirror to know what you are doing?  Feldenkrais raises body awareness by mapping the many parts of ourselves in our brain.  We learn to know better where we are and what we do, not just in the Feldenkrais class, but in all life situations.  If we don’t actually know what we do how can we change to improve?  Body mapping through slow and attentive movements is an ongoing exploration.  Come and join me on a journey of self discovery.

Online Feldenkrais Classes In Perth

ALL classes are now presented online using “zoom”.   You stay at home, find a comfortable space on the floor and connect to the live class with a laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone.  No travel, no traffic.  Swap between the Zoom class times as you need.  Audio recordings are emailed for missed classes.

Missed the start?  Contact Vanessa to find out how you can sign up and pay a proportionate amount for the remaining lessons.  

Attendees receive an email with some “How to use Zoom” advice to help them navigate Zoom for the first time.  Vanessa will contact every attendee prior to the first class to check how they went with setting up Zoom and talk them through until they are up and running.  No need to fear new technology.  If you can’t get it to work for you, you can obtain a full refund.

Single attendance is available with pre-payment of $20 per class, payment options HERE.

Feldenkrais class Mt Claremont

Audio Recordings of Classes

Can’t attend a Zoom “live”class?  The next best thing is to have a recording of the live class emailed to you each Friday that the live classes are happening. 

Feldenkrais lessons are perfectly suited to work well with spoken instruction and direction.

Missed the start of or all of the live classes?  Buy access to the recordings to go through the lessons at your own pace and repeat any you are interested in.  Contact Vanessa to discuss. 

What is an ATM Class?

Awareness Through Movement “ATM” classes are described and compared to the private sessions on another page HERE.

"Improving self awareness through Feldenkrais is different to exercise. Maintaining strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance matters for everybody. However, none of these ensure that you will move as well as you can and as well as you should if you want to feel good. Exercise doesn’t free us from habitual constraints, doesn’t create an understanding of our problems, and doesn’t develop movement intelligence." Larry Goldfarb