feldenkrais Classes Perth

4th Feb 2021 – Although here in Perth we are currently under a 5 day lockdown , I intend to return to live “in person” classes starting 10th February 2021.  If the lockdown extends I will consider delaying the start till the 17th Feb or revert to Zoom online classes that will be at a reduced cost.  People who enrolled for live classes can choose between a full refund or a partial refund to attend the Zoom classes.  It will all be fair and reasonable.

Feldenkrais classes Perth will operate a bit differently to BC (Before Covid).  Hand sanitiser must be used once you enter the studio.  To use one of my Feldenkrais mats (which will stay at the studio) you will need to hire it for the term at a cost of $15.  It will have your name on it and only you will touch that mat.  You set it up when you arrive and pack it away each time.  At the end of the 6 weeks of classes I will hot wash the material covers.  You can bring your own mat each week instead, however they cannot be stored at the studio.  

I will use Zoom at the live classes to allow up to 3 people to attend that class online via Zoom.  There will be a combination of live and zoom people doing the same class.  I expect most people will welcome attending the live classes and expect just a few people to use the Zoom option. 

The primary obstacle to breathing correctly seems to be a person’s lack of awareness of being truly connected to their breath. You really don't know what you don't know. It takes an open mind and a willingness to explore what it is to breathe in many different ways to enhance health, fitness and vitality.

Feb/Mar 2021 – 6 Weekly 1 hour Live AND Online Classes

Wednesdays, 10th Feb to 17th March

9.15 – 10.15am  OR  5.45 – 6.45pm

$120   “In person” or “Online”

“ADAPTABLE BREATHING – more to learn…”


“Online” attendees require prior Feldenkrais class experience or an individual private session before the first class.  Contact Vanessa to discuss.

Choose "In person" or "online" classes

Audio recordings also provided

6 weekly 1 hour “Adaptable Breathing” Audio lessons

$48    3 month access to 6 audio lessons. 

Begins Friday 12th Feb 2021 or from when you subscribe 

Prior class experience is recommended however you take full responsibility for yourself in accessing audio recordings.

Audio Recordings only

Single Class Attendance – $26

1 Hour “Online” or “In Person” class attendance.

Single class attendance is discouraged.   You need to contact Vanessa in advance (0416 101 854) to check whether it is possible for you to attend.  

Feldenkrais Classes Perth

2021 Classes - In Person or Online

Easier Breathing.... more to learn

This block of 6 weeks of classes ends before the 2021 Easter and school holidays. 

Classes are back IN PERSON at Nedlands Yoga Studio in the Broadway Fair complex, 88 Broadway Nedlands (Crawley) with the OPTION TO ATTEND ONLINE instead (using Zoom).  The online class will be a live feed from the actual class happening.  Live class bookings can occasionally attend online when circumstances need, and vice versa.  

These 6 “Breathing” lessons/explorations will guide you through the general anatomy of your breathing apparatus and give you the felt sense of fuller easier breathing.  More adaptable breathing has the flow on effect of improving balance and calming the nervous system, which can settle a busy mind and improve sleep quality.

While the breath underpins all Feldenkrais movement classes, these lessons put a lens more closely on the breath itself.  Improving the breath improves the chemical nature of your blood and the tissues it supplies.  Learning how to free the diaphragm and rely less on the upper chest gets all the ribs moving and eases the strain off the neck and back.  People with chronically tightened tissues who suffer from tiredness and/or chronic pain will always be found to have sub optimal breathing habits.  Habits you can tweak with these classes and ongoing practice.

In the words of the neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, “The diaphragm stimulates your phrenic nerve to tell your brain about the status of your body…”.  While breathing mostly just happens without thinking, our breath and hence our breathing diaphragm, can be moved under our conscious control to allow us to alter our own physical state.  You can move through relaxed and excited depending on how you control your breath.  Your posture and walking is affected by how you breathe.  So yeah, you can accept the breathing you have or you can be curious about expanding your options around your breath and believe that life can be different. 

Why include Feldenkrais as a regular activity?

Feldenkrais classes are unlike anything else out there.  I believe they are the best way to become better acquainted with the body and mind you inhabit to maximise your potential.  Life with less pain, easier movement, more calmness, and more zest for life.  Practicing Feldenkrais “mindful movement lessons” can stem the tide of reduced function that is considered a normal process of aging. 

Movement lessons offer you the opportunity to change and improve your movement repertoire which you can then take into your activity of choice.  It is an accessory to, not a replacement for, physical activity. Feldenkrais tunes the breath, body and mind to allow you to function more efficiently.

These classes involve a range of movements where the attention is on the “how” of the movement.  How do you make it harder than it need be, how could you make it easier?  What is your intention with the movement?  How does the intention affect your breath?  Can you be more interested in the process rather than the outcome?  Are you so focused on the outcome you miss the process?  Do you hold your breath to move?  Does holding your breath make it easier or is holding your breath an habituated response to expecting something to be difficult?   

These movement classes raises body awareness by mapping the many parts of ourselves in action  in our brain.  We learn to know better where are bodies are in space and what we do, not just in the Feldenkrais class, but in all life situations.  If we don’t actually know what we do how can we change to improve?  Body mapping through slow and attentive movements is an ongoing exploration.  Come and join me on a journey of self discovery and self improvement.

Online "Zoom" Feldenkrais Classes Option

The scheduled series of “in person” classes (see above) can instead be attended exclusively online using “Zoom” (use Booking button above).  You stay at home, find a comfortable space on the floor and connect to the live class with a laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone.  No travel, no traffic.  Choose one of the “Zoom” class times.  You can swap as needed to the other class time by request.  Audio recordings are emailed for missed classes.  I have limited the “zoom only” bookings to 3 to ensure I can attend to live and zoom people equally well within a class.

Missed the start?  Contact Vanessa to find out how you can sign up and pay a proportionate amount for the remaining classes.  

Attendees receive an email with some “How to use Zoom” advice to help them navigate Zoom for the first time.  Vanessa will contact every attendee prior to the first class to check how they went with setting up Zoom and talk them through until they are up and running.  No need to fear new technology.  If you can’t get it to work for you, you can obtain a full refund.

Single Zoom online attendance may be available – $26.  Contact Vanessa Stephen to discuss 0416 101 854.


Class Access and Time Outside of Australia ?

Use the time converter link HERE to find out what time the classes are on in your part of the world.  Overseas payment for classes can only be made using your Paypal account.  Citizens of US and CANADA are ineligible to attend due to insurance restrictions.  Contact Vanessa to discuss.

Feldenkrais class Mt Claremont

Audio Recordings of Classes

Can’t attend a Zoom “live”class?  The next best thing is to have a recording of the live class emailed to you each Friday that the live classes are happening. 

Feldenkrais lessons are perfectly suited to work well with spoken instruction and direction.

Missed the start of or all of the live classes?  Buy access to the recordings to go through the lessons at your own pace and repeat any you are interested in.  Contact Vanessa to discuss. 

What is an ATM Class?

Awareness Through Movement “ATM” classes are described and compared to the private sessions on another page HERE.

Previous Audio Series Available

Adaptable Torso – 7 lessons $49

Deep Relaxation  – 4 lessons $28

Spiral Movements – 6 lessons $42 

Core/Abdominal Control – $42

Pelvic Floor – $42  (An Individual session is required prior)

Use of the Eyes – $42

Improved Posture – $42

Improved Breathing – $42

Rolling Many Ways – $42

Any of the previous series of Awareness Through Movement lessons are available to have online access to for 3 months.

Different series vary from 4 to 7 lessons and priced at $7 per lesson.

"Improving self awareness through Feldenkrais is different to exercise. Maintaining strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance matters for everybody. However, none of these ensure that you will move as well as you can and as well as you should if you want to feel good. Exercise doesn’t free us from habitual constraints, doesn’t create an understanding of our problems, and doesn’t develop movement intelligence." Larry Goldfarb