Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) Classes

How you relate to and use your eyes affects your movement, neck and back stiffness and can contribute to headaches.  Our eyes are involved in much more that vision.  We have the potential to improve movement by becoming aware of our habits around the use of our eyes.  

When your eyes learn how to move more smoothly in their sockets and you learn how to lead a movement from your eyes the quality of your movement will improve.  When you play around with how you habitually hold tension in the tissue of your face, forehead, and around your eyes, be suprised to feel how that affects your eyes. 

In a well organised system, the eyes do organise the body for movement.

With an open mind and a gentle attitude be prepared to learn something very new and useful.  

This series of classes is much less physically challenging than my last “Posture” series, and a little more active than the previous “Breathing” series.  It is essentially a “floor based” series.  More info about Feldenkrais classes in general is below the booking boxes on this page.

Aug/Sep 2019 - 6 Weekly Movement Classes $125

Use of Your Eyes and You

Wed Morning 9.30-10.30am (Mt Claremont Community Centre)

Wed Evening 6.00-7.00pm (Nedlands Yoga @ Broadway Fair)

Wed 7th August - 11th September 2019

22nd September 2019 - Sunday Afternoon Workshop $70

Use of Your Eyes and You

Nedlands Yoga @ Broadway 1.00 to 4.30 pm

May/Jun 2019 - 6 Weekly Movement Classes $125

June 16th 2019 - Sunday Afternoon Workshop $70

Feldenkrais class Mt Claremont

Feldenkrais Classes in Perth

Weekly Feldenkrais classes are held in Nedlands and Mt Claremont within the school term, presented in a 6 week block.  An additional Sunday afternoon workshop is planned for Sunday 8th September 2019.  Information about The Feldenkrais Method® can be found under the “ABOUT” tab 

What is an ATM Class?

Awareness Through Movement “ATM” classes are 1 hour group classes where you are verbally guided through an unusual movement sequence.  They are done slowly to give you time and space to notice what exactly you are doing.  This allows you to find a way to move with less resistance and more flow.  You can notice your unique little habits about holding unnecessary tension in your jaw, neck, chest, anywhere in fact.  You get to know yourself better, learning to become your own observer.  Noticing.  Adapting.  Improving.  Learning.  NAIL it.

The lessons are variably done lying, sitting and standing.  Floor lessons use a soft mat provided and towels for support.  Finding comfort is a priority.  In the exploration of a movement you are invited to pay attention to the different parts of you that are being included in the intended movement.  Using the floor for feedback and spreading your attention increases self awareness.  This leads to more efficient and easier movement patterns.  You may like to try one of my recorded audio lessons HERE.

For many people one hour a week immersed in a class is the ultimate “me time”, a way to hit the reset button to find calm and tranquility in a busy world.

NEVER MISS A CLASS! – There is flexibility to shift between class times and audio recordings are emailed for missed classes.

Feldenkrais ATM® Classes


Nedlands Yoga studio

Level 3 Broadway Fair

Feldenkrais ATM® Classes

Mt Claremont

Mt Claremont Community Centre

107 Montgomery Avenue