Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) Classes

October/November 2019 series - Pelvic Floor for Women

Pelvic floor side on - female

News flash:  After just 2 of the 6 weekly classes participants are noticing longer times between wees, stronger flow when they go, standing and walking are easier, lifting feels stronger.  Ladies can you really afford to remain in the dark about finding improved function of your pelvic floor.  Attend the Sunday workshop to begin your journey of regaining control and power.

The next series of classes is on the Pelvic Floor and is a “Womens Only” series.   Whilst men and women can benefit from improved Pelvic Floor function, in the interests of creating a safe and secure environment for women this will be a male-free zone.  You may have anything from a bit of a problem with jumping and sneezing, to thinking your “undercarriage” feels heavy.  Walking has lost its zip.  Maybe you feel pretty well OK but things aren’t quite as strong as they used to be.  You will have lost power in actions that use the pelvis and hips, things like running, golfing, squats at the gym, the list is endless.  This is one area that every woman would do well to  give themselves some time and attention.  Be surprised by how life becomes easier when your pelvic floor is activated to help you.  A small problem now will likely worsen with time if you don’t pay attention to it now.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t know enough about how “your bits” work “down there”.  Conversely, knowing all your anatomy in an academic way doesn’t mean your pelvic floor is functioning optimally.  Slowly you get the idea and the sensation of the various parts that make up this muscular “sling”, which ideally supports your low abdominal contents.  You will also learn that the pelvic floor is important in providing hip stability which improves balance. 

Age, the stress of childbirth, a hard life and sporting injuries can weaken this muscular floor.  Its not unusual for people with a “bad knee” to discover one side of their pelvic floor is not working so well.  “Classic” pelvic floor exercise only went so far in helping.  Well you are in the right place.  Here you will have much more time to work out the where, what and how of this pelvic part of you that has been pretty well ignored for too long.  Please call Vanessa 0416 101 854 if you want any further information.

Oct/Nov 2019 - 6 Weekly Movement Classes $125

Wednesday 23rd October - 27th November

Pelvic Floor - Women only

Class times changed a little from advertised!

Wed Morning 9.15-10.15am sharp - Nedlands - call 0416 101 854

Wed Evening 5.45-6.45pm sharp - Nedlands Yoga Studio- Broadway

1st December 2019 - Sunday Afternoon Workshop $70

Pelvic Floor - Women only

Nedlands Yoga @ Broadway 1.00 to 4.30 pm

Aug/Sep 2019 - 6 Weekly Movement Classes $125

Use of Your Eyes and You

Feldenkrais class Mt Claremont

Feldenkrais Classes in Perth

Weekly Feldenkrais classes are held in Nedlands and Mt Claremont within the school term, presented in a 6 week block.  An additional Sunday afternoon workshop is planned for Sunday 8th September 2019.  Information about The Feldenkrais Method® can be found under the “ABOUT” tab 

What is an ATM Class?

Awareness Through Movement “ATM” classes are 1 hour group classes where you are verbally guided through an unusual movement sequence.  They are done slowly to give you time and space to notice what exactly you are doing.  This allows you to find a way to move with less resistance and more flow.  You can notice your unique little habits about holding unnecessary tension in your jaw, neck, chest, anywhere in fact.  You get to know yourself better, learning to become your own observer.  Noticing.  Adapting.  Improving.  Learning.  NAIL it.

The lessons are variably done lying, sitting and standing.  Floor lessons use a soft mat provided and towels for support.  Finding comfort is a priority.  In the exploration of a movement you are invited to pay attention to the different parts of you that are being included in the intended movement.  Using the floor for feedback and spreading your attention increases self awareness.  This leads to more efficient and easier movement patterns.  You may like to try one of my recorded audio lessons HERE.

For many people one hour a week immersed in a class is the ultimate “me time”, a way to hit the reset button to find calm and tranquility in a busy world.

NEVER MISS A CLASS! – There is flexibility to shift between class times and audio recordings are emailed for missed classes.

Feldenkrais ATM® Classes


Nedlands Yoga studio

Level 3 Broadway Fair

Feldenkrais ATM® Classes

Mt Claremont

Mt Claremont Community Centre

107 Montgomery Avenue